Agricultural Services

Over the last 10 years, Upstream Constructions has shifted its main focus towards the Agricultural community. The decision to do this was made primarily because we enjoy helping the hard working community of people that work so hard to provide us with our food and materials that we need to take care of our families. We, unlike many of our competitors, are fully insured and follow the rules of the labor department as determined by New York State. We try our best to keep up on the latest technology and equipment for our jobs and customers. We have recently purchased a 3D Automated Laser Screed for pouring both small and large concrete pads. This screed allows to provide precision concrete placement accuracy on every job. We are very experienced in the area of freestall barns, milking parlors, large and small bunk pads, walls, concrete manure storage facilities and every phase of concrete on Agricultural projects. In addition to our concrete specialties, we are also equipped with a full fleet of heavy equipment so that we may provide you with services for any or all phases of your project.